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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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engineering degrees and worked that the san lose obtaining focusing on the transportation planning she's had a criteria in her life and a taste for analysis and doing work on transportation issues as well welcome audry. >> welcome. >> welcome. >> thank you director ram for introducing me. good afternoon commissioner president wu and commissioners i'm audry of the planning
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department information and analysis group in the citywide planning division i'm pleased to introduce the housing information this is an informational hearing no action will be required. the housing inventory was produced in 1967 and has been product with the same consistency and analysis this makes the report the figuring out in it's series by the way, we're not able to present the 2012 housing analysis last year, we've included copies of the report in our packets. the housing inventory and the description of the changes to the housing stock is a description of new housing that adds new housing stock and
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demolitions that take away and ever a net gain or net loss in the housing unit. the net gain of housing unit are added through the residential structures and the legalization of the unit was for conversion from the commercial to roinlt and it is for taking away messenger of the illegal unit are conversion from residential to commercial and the main findings is how the city report is from 2007 to the 2014 housing needs or the arena target. the report also covers a variety the topical information reported by various zoning district by
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planning district and by district area plans and other areas of focus are including condo conservations and changes to the residential hotel. in addition the tendencies in the report talk about the pipeline issues this is the likely housing construction activity in the future and the projects in the pipeline are planning department projects that are already authorized for construction. furthermore, the report look at how's production and accounts for the requirements inclusionary affordable housing program. now i'll take you through 2013 highlights. as of notifying san francisco's housing stocks increased by
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approximately 3 hundred and 76 hundred plus unit of which 33 percent were single-family home and thirty percent with single-family structures this includes 35 hundred new units a 40 percent increase and a loss of 4 hundred and 39 unit more than tripling and it is over one thousand units addressed to the housing stock a 50 percent increase from 2012. breaking those figures down construction more than tripled from 2012 making it 2 this defendant h thousand unit plus. the rate of production in 2013 was 26 percent over the latest
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stock producing over 8 hundred units a year the existing conservations to the residential from notary republic residential make up one hundred and 69 unions dollars that's about a 39 percent n considering the loss loss increased threefold from 2012 to 2012 there were 70 units lost 55 legalization and 38 units due to unit messenger and the remaining units were corrections to the city records. this steep increase in unit loss is the demolitions of the 18 training thank you plaza and the commissioners will have noted the second phases of the training thank you was completed
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in 2013 all this added up together of a net addition of 9 hundred units plus. and in this chart you you'll see we're consistently climbing out of the 2008 downturn and the 2011 with only 2 hundred and 69 net units. the department of the building inspectors permitted 2 hundred units plus this is 20 percent higher than permitted in nevada the stanford housing unit are a critical indicator of the future compared to rests of the bay area san francisco accounted for 16 units to be constructed only second behind santa clara
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whether with 4 in a 9 percent it will be in multi single-family units this is the next file under review and entitled with the planning department. about 4 thousand 8 hundred units were underlined filed with the department as of december 31st the total number of homes was 74 hundred units and the planning department approved in title 2 hunters point as for affordable housing it made up a third of the units added to the stock and seven hundred new units came on line including 4 hundred plus
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inclusionary and the inclusionary units increased by 76 percent from the previous year >> breaking the seven hundred and tel aviv the majority were affordable to low income hourltdz representing thirty percent of ail affordable units the 2 hundred unit were made affordable to the low income and the remaining 44 to moderate hoirldz been 10 percent of all affordable housing units in 2014. >> accountability finding were the new construction that tripped from 9 hundred plus to 2 thousand plus you units also in condos conservations to condo
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went down in 2013. according to the department of building inspectors they were for profit and nonprofit and haven't changed since 2012 in 2012, the s r o building dlrsz and nonprofit buildings increased by one building from the previous year, however, the number of profit has increased by 2 hundred and - excuse me. 2 hundred and 23 rooms and the number of nonprofits increased by 2 hundred and 49 rooms from the previous 2011. also in 20132 hundred plus were rehabbed of the preservation on arlington as pictured below the particular project was
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funded by mayor's office of housing and in 2013, the inclusionary fees collected were $9 million this was the largest collected since 2008 by far in the beginning i talked about how the targets are determined by the state department of the housing and development and the recreational bay area government for the element report circle is 2 hundred thousand unit plus by the end of the 96 and approximately 18 thousand or 60 percent must be affordable to householders earning moderate lower they need to earn up to one hundred and 20 percent of
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the medium income or less. based on the 2014 pipeline report in the race seven years 2007 to 2013 almost 16 thousand 4 hundred and 50 housing unit met the city's goals this represents 53 percent of the reproduction this is for the hoirldz of the medium he percent this includes one thousand units plus preserved through acquisition and production of market rate housing units is on the same period to meet the track and by the end of the 2013, the city shall have provided 2 thousands plus
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affordable to householders making more than moderate income this is only a shortfall of less than 2 percent of meeting the deadline pr there was a shortfall of 10 thousand 41 units of affordable householders meeting the medium income as also it's on the website and we've published the table on line at if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> director ram. i want to thank audry for her report the housing issue is in the forefront of the commissions concerns i want to remind us
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this is the basis for the the dashboard you now we now do on a quarterly basis we're going to include that it's more easily available to the commission next week we'll have a second hearing on the topic the mayors executive order as the extremely for the department of building inspectors not getting the topics confused >> thank you. let's open this up for public comment first any public comment on that item? oh, i'm sorry dr. espanola jackson >> good afternoon dr. espanola
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jackson. i've requested the other day to the board of supervisors to call for a hearing dealing with the a m i for history for those of you no aware from the 60s when redevelopment came into our community they talked about in 12970 affordable housing ways occurred is you have a staff that came about lastly from the mayor's office of housing that has put together a m i that says how much money you must make to qualify for affordable housing. now i've been saying for many years and you've heard me my
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have been saying affordable to whom not affordable to the people that live in san francisco. and commissioner antonini you may talked about people moving in but what about those of us who have been here all our lives homeowners those of us who have retired and don't make $48,000 a year to get into a one bedroom unit there needs to be a hearing about san franciscans i don't hear nobody talking about those you're here to represent. now the affordable stuff you need to be aware and i'm so happy you finally passed all the motion i know i'm not supposed to be speaking from the audience i got this call about the
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redevelopment when the redevelopment closed down projects were clousz close and all of a sudden here jumps up another area with no funds and guess what the birth portion is bayview hunters point the pack committee was closed down and you've got the supervisors setting up committees callingism to make decisions on things they don't know nothing about. and can i say this. for those houses you're going to be voting on make sure there's an viable impact done on those homes we in the community has to file a lawsuit when you passed on lanar and the housing situation in bayview hunters point at the hunters point shipyard and the judge ruled and
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i have the ruling i'll leave it you're not supposed to be doing nothing in the area >> thank you, dr. >> thank you. >> you all should be ashamed of users i'll go home now. >> is there any additional public comment. >> good afternoon peter cohn council of community you housing organizations the housing inventory a fantastically snapshot every year at any point many the market cycle i want to point out to keep in mind real estate development development and capital this is showing you is dramatic and periodic is didn't stand still we have to look forward and look backward.
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i'll highlight this your staff pointed out the change between 2013-2014 if you say between 2011 when the housing market that tanked tlrgs there's a 6 fold increase in the rate of housing presumption that's a dramatic acceleration that's causing all united states ruckus that's how quickly that's accelerated from 2011 with the things that have cooled off there's no rate of increase in any period. the punch line it is the production units and you can see there's an imbalance between the affordability levels to medium to low income go those are unit
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that are built it's thought talking about the entitlements folks you don't send outbuilding permits to construct your role is to set the pace of entitlements not a whole lot of putting the shovels into the ground so you saw those bar charts but i want to show you director ram made reference to the dashboard. those are the numbers from the current quarterly dashboard hard to see what's been built and entitled the city is more than exceeded it's housing through 2014. the problem is getting the entitled projects built not necessarily about entitling more have meant but we have a glut of
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entitlements ready to be built i'll show you in the bar graft what does that look like we don't have to get crazy with numbers in a chart those are the 3 basic middle and protecting and moderate low income halfway there to the entitlement and moderate income less than half and above is 2 hundred and 11 percent >> thank you is there any additional public comment. >> commissioners my name is terry andrew's i'm a resident in bay area district district 10
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there's a considerable amount of low to very low income housing that's not available. there's a lot of housing being built but you know, i often wonder when i see the public housing vs. the new housing who's being given the opportunity to actually going get into the new housing that's supposed to be affordable even when they talk about the affordable housing money being put into the system when the new construction goes up how many people is it impacting throughout the city for people already living here not only the people coming to san francisco they've got the high tech jobs and the new money. i know it is a great discrepancy
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and disservice to the people to see the deboggle and the name games and the neighborhoods pitted against each other and people that are daftdz and trying to make a living obey forced out of the city and we talk about how many new housing units we're building with the housing for people that have been here for years are we're still doing little to nothing before changing their lifestyle from double rock to sunny vial to west point and you've got mixed income you've got people buying units what about the renters come back why can't some
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of the money be used different and the renter being given a chance to buy the same renters are going to come back as residents why can't people living there are 90 for years your displacing people. we need to get real and talk about issues that are transparent >> is there any further public comment. >> hi i'm assuming i'm a parent of one a student at marshall elementary school which is at the 16th and mission i have a procedural question and a comment we have been approached by the developers that who have submitted a former applications to build 3 hundred and 15 units
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at the corner of 16th century accounting and mission the parents have trying to thinks the process we're only getting information from the developers we have a lot of concerns regarding pedestrian safety they're proposing to have. >> it this about the housing inventory. >> no, but it is a time for public comment. >> this is for the housing inventory. >> well, i, frame it for this as well. >> there is general public comment after this i can good enough my information about the comments. >> can i make the public comment. >> under general public comment inventory. >> i'll wait then thank you. is there any further public comment seeing none, public comment is closed >> there seems to be a higher
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number of losses in 2013 i think you heard you say because of the training it. >> it was a major demolition of 4 hundred and 18 units in the same year there was a constructions of the same amount of units. >> so the number of both mergers and legalization unit is within the realm of other years. >> yes. correct. >> all right. thank you. i just wanted to make two comments the first is that so the seven hundred and 12 affordable units built last year, it is about thirty percent i think that's a fairly high ratio for the history of the city and i think that's one that's been discussed a lot of within larger conversations pink
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supervisor kim talked about the housing situation and the mayors initiative has an affordable level i'm happy to see in 2013 it was achieved. and then i wanted to make sure we're clear on a number of data measurements i'm happy that the quarterly dashboard will be put in the director report and be more public and you don't have to go through the case file to find it there's another day piece that's called the meter. that mayor's office of economic development is keeping track of you want to understand how the meters and the numbers feed into the dashboard and the inventory to be assured they're all the same numbers
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>> commissioner president wu and commissioners i'm sarah with the office of economic workforce development one statement he i'd like to not correct but you you know the housing meter we've baufrnd last, as part of the ongoing efforts to create more public awareness in the hoosiers world i'll call it not a data piece our data disburse reduce are in the front row but at the office of economic workforce development we've had access to inspectors get an account and put this on the website so we we talk about data all the data will think synced up that data will not be if you try to break
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down the data f it won't line up because if it's a final certificate certificate of the occupancy so as we get to the end of the year we'll have more to sync that up that's a meter to make it ease for people to look at easily. >> thank you commissioner antonini. >> yeah. a few observations i noticed that peter cowen talked about a lot of projects approved but not being built there maybe some of those i'm not sure they're not but this year a good year for projects approved over the last 12 years they're getting approved now the funding has come through and a lot of them under construction.
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i just wanted to ask staff for a definition with when we talk about unit built that's our finger figure that you came up with approximately 19 hundred >> 10 thousand 9 hundred and 60. >> did built mean a certificate of completion when it is built. >> we consider it built when it's in its final construction phase and then in the case of affordable housing projects we looked at temporary certificates of occupancy because those buildings are being inhibited. >> so you must have something which one time you say it's been considered built. i guess. what's being sprishd is that what our saying >> correct. >> you need consistency it can
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a change a lot. >> our permits have a notification. >> well, thank you i appreciate that that or i have a few other comments the approval process is also something that is really very good as far as our overlay production with the expectation of santa clara couldn't is the largest population over 2 hundred million residents resident we had 16 percent the second largest larger by far than alameda county that has over million and contra costa county maybe larger an san mateo county so that part is very good to see but what's